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There have been many positive developments at EnerTeck Chemical this past year. We have completed several evaluations which have led to customer contracts, brought on three distributors who have brought to fruition some of these customer additions and have nearly completed development of our newest emission reduction technology, PEx, which stands for Particulate Extraction. We are confident that upon approval PEx will become a significant part of our business in the years ahead and will complement our current diesel catalyst business.

About EnerTeck Chemical Corporation

EnerTeck Corporation develops, acquires and manufactures combustion enhancement, emission reduction and other performance improvement technologies for the heavy duty transportation industry. EnerTeck's flagship product, EnerBurn®, is a diesel fuel specific combustion catalyst, delivered to the engine via the diesel fuel, to improve the combustion rate of the fuel.

Our two primary products are;

EnerBurn® Diesel Fuel Combustion Catalyst

The primary benefit that EnerBurn® offers is an improvement in fuel efficiency (7-10%). Its ancillary benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Reduction of NOx emissions, 10-12% on average
  • Reduction of exhaust smoke, 50-75%, and in some applications a total reduction of exhaust smoke, to the point where only the heat signature is visible.
  • Prolonged oil life, increasing oil change intervals by approximately 75-100%, thereby reducing annual oil consumption by 40-50%
  • Increased brake horsepower by 4-5%
  • Reduction in engine wear, which will prolong engine life and increase the time between scheduled maintenance keeping your equipment in service and earning money more days per year.

PEx (Particulate Extraction)

The PEx technology was developed to enable current heavy duty diesel engines to meet Tier 2 or higher emissions standards without extremely costly engine rebuilds. When approved, PEx will be able to bring these engines up to Tier 3 standards at 20-25% of the cost of an engine rebuild to meet those standards.

Important facts about PEx

  • Particulate reduction technology for Tier 1 and Tier 2 heavy duty diesel engine applications
  • CARB approval pending
  • PEx will enable Tier 1 engines to pass Tier 2 standards and we expect Tier 2 engines to pass Tier 3 and possibly Tier 4 standards

We encourage you to read on to learn more about EnerBurn®. Clickhere to go to our product information page.
Evaluation reports on various equipment and diesel engine types are available for your review here.